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Koala Car Wheel

Koala Car Wheel

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The Koala Car Wheel Toy is specially designed to entertain your little ones whilst travelling in a forward-facing car seat, giving you an easier drive. This fun and interactive toy features a clicking steering wheel, ratcheting gear lever, a baby-safe mirror and lots of buttons to press with car sounds, lights and melodies to captivate your baby. By turning the steering wheel, moving the gear lever and pushing the various buttons, baby will develop fine and gross motor skills along with learning about cause and effect. Imitating the driver’s actions also strengthens their imagination and emotional intelligence. This toy attaches easily and securely to the front seat headrest poles and is safety-tested to ensure it meets the highest standards.


retail pack dimensions 44 x 11.5 x 24cm, assembled dimensions 53 x 21 x 10cm
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