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All Around Me Baby Gym

All Around Me Baby Gym

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This 4 in 1 All Around Me floor gym is the perfect aid to encourage your little one to practice a variety of body positions from day one. This proactive positioning is hugely valuable for your baby’s motor, cognitive, sensory and learning development, as well as stimulating your baby’s head turning development. This gym’s enticing lights and calming music provide a charming experience for both baby and parent, with many multi-sensory hanging toys included. The gym also comes with a unique double-sided crinkling ‘Sensi Center’, with a high contrast side for children 0-3 months and a colourful side for 3 months+, to help little eyes explore colour. This ‘Sensi Center’ can also be placed around the gym to encourage baby to move around and try out new positions heping strengthen and prepare their bodies for crawling and sitting. This delightful gym is animating and interactive to little ones develop through their early stages of life!

retail pack dimensions 12 x 70 x 48cm, assembled dimensions 84 x 100 x 50cm

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